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【Asahikawa / Biei】9/1〜9/30 A one-day bus tour of Biei that visits the popular Blue Pond, Shirahige Falls, Ken and Mary Tree, Shikisai no Oka, and more! !

開催場所:北海道 > 富良野・美瑛・トマム
開始時間:11:35:旭川駅 出発 12:25:美瑛駅 出発





Schedule from September 1st to September 30th 【departure】Asahikawa Tourist Information Center(11:35)
【departure】Biei Station Four Seasons Information Center(12:25)
*Please complete boarding procedures at the Shiki-no-jouhoukan 1F bus tour counter 10 minutes before the tour departure.
【sightseeing】Ken and Mary tree (stay 10 minutes)
【sightseeing】Seven Star Tree (stay 15 minutes)
【sightseeing】Parent and child tree (stay 5 minutes)
【sightseeing】Shikisai no Oka (stay 30 minutes)
【sightseeing】Tokachidake Bogakudai (stay 20 minutes)
【sightseeing】Shirahige Falls (stay 10 minutes)
【sightseeing】Shirogane Blue Pond (stay 30 minutes)
【arrival】Biei Station (around 16:20)
【arrival】Asahikawa Station (around 17:05)


最少催行数 5名
開催期間 Operates daily from September 1st (Friday) to September 30th (Saturday), 2023
集合時間 Asahikawa Tourist Information Center:
11:25set → 11:35departure

Biei Town Tourism Association (Shiki no Jouhou Hall):
12:15set → 12:25departure
集合場所 Asahikawa Tourist Information Center
8-3-1 Miyashita-dori, Asahikawa City, Hokkaido 070-0030

Biei Town Tourism Association (Shiki no Jouhou Hall)
1-2-14 Honmachi, Biei-cho, Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido 071-0208
予約締切 1日前の12時まで
参加条件/注意事項 ※Minimum number of participants: 5 (If the number of participants is not reached after the reservation is confirmed, we will contact you as soon as possible.)
※Tour conductor: will accompany the tour.

(1) Buses will depart on time, so please be sure not to be late.
(2) Although buses will make every effort to operate on time, the time spent at some sightseeing spots on the itinerary may be shortened or the route of sightseeing spots may be changed due to road conditions (traffic jams, etc.), weather, sunset, etc. Please be aware of this. Please understand this in advance.
Please be sure to carry your valuables on your person during the tour.
(4) Please fasten your seatbelts while the bus is in motion.
(5) All seats are reserved seats. Please refrain from moving to other seats.
(6) Luggage can be stored in the bus luggage compartment (free of charge) or at the information desk for a fee.
⑦ If you wish to leave the tour during the tour, please inform the guide in advance.
⑧Air drone flights and aerial photography are prohibited in Biei Town in principle.

❢❢ precautions ❢❢
 All fields and pastures are private property and crops are grown there, so please do not enter them.
料金に含まれているもの Includes bus fare and Shikisai no Oka entrance fee
持参するもの Please bring your OPTBOOKMARK.JP [Reservation receipt email].
催行会社 有限会社光交通


お支払いについて Advance payment (credit card payment)
キャンセルに関して The following is a list of cancellations and charges for the following
Cancellation 7 days to 2 days prior to the event: 30% of the total amount
Cancellation on the day before the tour start date: 40% of the tour fee
Cancellation on the day of the tour (before the tour start time): 50% of the tour fee
Cancellation for no-show or after the tour starts: 100% of the tour fee
*Except in the case of natural disasters, etc., which may prevent the smooth operation of the tour.
開催中止に関して The participation fee will be fully refunded only if the event is cancelled due to a disaster or other reasons.





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