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【Hokkaido iwamizawa】 Bonfire cafe  ~A holiday to be healed by the fluctuations of flame~

開催場所:北海道 > 石狩・空知・千歳


The swaying flame is full of healing effects!
Eat sweets that can be made with a bonfire, talk, watch the flames. ..
Why don't you spend a relaxing and healing time.
Experience venue: Maple Lodge site




Bonfire cafe Surround the bonfire in the orchard and enjoy a cup of coffee
Spend a relaxing holiday watching the fire.

[Flow of the day]
Activity center

① Preparation of bonfire

②Coffee, dessert preparation

③Relax on a bonfire


The flow may change depending on the situation on the day. Please note that


最少催行数 2名
予約可能数 ~ 20名
開催期間 Until October 31st
集合時間 Experience time About 1 hour to 1 hour and a half
*Please fill in the desired start time between 10:00 and 20:00 in the [Question from the facility] column.
(Final start at 20:00)
集合場所 183 Moyo-cho, Iwamizawa City, Hokkaido 068-3188
Log Hotel Maple Lodge
予約締切 1日前の12時まで
参加条件/注意事項 ・ Up to 1 group (1-4 people) 3,000 yen per person
*Minimum reception staff / 2 adults
*Elementary school and above
*Children under school are free.
料金に含まれているもの ・Experience fee (with drink and dessert)
・Bonfire material cost
持参するもの [Clothes] Long sleeves, long trousers, winter clothes, shoes that are easy to walk in (please wear clothes that can smell the bonfire)
[Bringing items] optbookmark.jp Reservation completion email
催行会社 一般社団法人 岩見沢市観光協会


お支払いについて Advance payment only
キャンセルに関して 1 day before: 50% of the experience fee
On the day: 100% of the experience fee
Cancellation without contact: 100% of the experience fee
開催中止に関して ※It will be canceled in bad weather.




・About 20 minutes by car from Iwamizawa city
・About 60 minutes by car from Sapporo
*When using the Hokkaido Expressway (pay)
・About 90 minutes by car from Asahikawa
*When using the Hokkaido Expressway (pay)


【北海道・岩見沢】エディブルフラワー スィーツ作り1,750円〜
【北海道・岩見沢】飾り巻き寿司を作ろう! 食べよう!3,500円〜
【北海道・岩見沢】スノーラフティング 2,200円〜
【Hokkaido iwamizawa】Gerbera picking & bouquet making2,000円〜
【Hokkaido iwamizawa】Let's make! Let's eat! decorative sushi! 3,500円〜
【Hokkaido iwamizawa】Experience traditional culture at a temple(With matcha entertainment)【Zazen and sutra experience】3,500円〜
【Hokkaido iwamizawa】 Edible flower sweets making1,750円〜
【Hokkaido iwamizawa】Cycling tour with guide to Sorachi nature and history of coal mine5,000円〜
【Hokkaido iwamizawa】 Let's run through the prairie with ATV 4WD buggy!5,000円〜
<Plan not covered by the period>【Hokkaido iwamizawa】 Snowshoe experience with an instructor6,500円〜
<Plan not covered by the period>【Hokkaido iwamizawa】 Tube slip (rental)500円〜
<Plan not covered by the period>【Hokkaido iwamizawa】 Snow rafting2,000円〜
<Plan not covered by the period>【Hokkaido iwamizawa】Kamakura Cafe650円〜


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