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BIEI VIEW BUS Patchwork Course【Middle Jun - Aug】

料金:1,500円  (税込)

料金:750円  (税込)
Child(6-12 years)

開催場所:北海道 > 富良野・美瑛・トマム


Seven Star Tree
Ken & Mary Tree
Parent & Children Trees
Zerubu-no-Oka Flower Garden (only Jul - Aug)




【Dep.】 Shikino Jouhoukan (13:25)
【Stop】 Ken & Mary Tree (Stop 15mins.)
【Stop】 Seven Star Tree (Stop 15mins.)
【Non-Stop】 Parent & Children Trees(Non-Stop)
【Stop】 Hokusei-no-oka View Park (Stop 20mins.)
 *Stopping only June 15 - June 30.
  We visit Zerubu-no-oka Flower Garden instead of this park in July & August.
【Stop】 Zerubu-no-oka Flower Garden (Stop 20mins.)
 *Stopping only July 1 - August 31.
  We visit Hokusei-no-oka View Park instead of this park in June 15 - June 30.
【Arr.】 Shikino Jouhoukan (15:00)


開催期間 2019/06/15 ~2019/08/31
集合時間 Shiki-no-Jyouhoukan(13:25)
Please gather by 15 minutes ago.
集合場所 Biei Touristm Iformation(Shiki-no-Jyouhoukan)
HokkaidoKamikawa-Gun, Biei-Cho, Motomachi1-2-14
予約締切 4日前の23時まで
参加条件/注意事項 ※Please come to the Bus Tour Desk in Shikino Jouhoukan by 10 minutes before the tour starts, and complete boarding procedure.
※Buses will depart on time. Please make sure you are not late.
※We always aim to operate our bus service on time. However, please note that unforeseen circumstances such as road or weather conditions may cause us
shorten stoppage time at sightseeing locations, or change the sightseeing route.
※All seats are non-reserved.
※Customers cannot take the bus unless ticket is purchased in advance, even if there are spare seats on the bus.
※Please keep your valuables with you during the bus tour.

※ If you do not have a stock of tickets on this site, you can purchase the View Bus Tour Ticket at Shiki-no-Jouhoukan (1-2 minutes on foot from the Biei Tourist Information Center / JR Biei Station) from the day before boarding. However, as it will be sold in the order you came to the window, the sale of the day's ticket will end when the capacity is reached.

※ We do not accept reservation (including waiting for cancellation) by telephone.
料金に含まれているもの Including bus charges
持参するもの Please bring OPTBOOKMARK.JP [reservation reception email].

 Snow fields, etc. are private land, and there are places where crops are grown under snow, so please do not enter.
催行会社 一般社団法人 美瑛町観光協会


お支払いについて Advance payment
キャンセルに関して <cancellation policy>
10-8 days before the date you join : 20%
7-2 days before : 30%
1 day before : 40%
The day you join (before the tour starts): 50%
After the tour starts & No show : 100%





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