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【Hokkaido · Furano】☆Very popular☆ Sightseeing tour bus Furano Farm Tomita course

料金:2,000円  (税込)

料金:1,000円  (税込)
Child (6 to 11 years old)

開催場所:北海道 > 富良野・美瑛・トマム


Farm Tomita (image)
Farm Tomita (image)
Furano bus (tourist bus body)




New Furano Prince Hotel 【Ride】 (from around 6:30)
Furano Prince Hotel 【Ride】 (from around 6:45)
farm-tomita 【Get off at the hotel】 (about 45 minutes)
※ Stores, restaurants, etc. will be admitted before Business Hours.
Furano Prince Hotel 【Get off】 (Around 8:30)
New Furano Prince Hotel 【Get off】 (Around 8:45)


最少催行数 1名
開催期間 2019.6/29~8/12【Daily service】
集合時間 【departure time】
New Furano Prince Hotel: About 6:30
Furano Prince Hotel: About 6:45

※ Please gather 10 minutes before departure.
集合場所 New Furano Prince Hotel Bus Stop
Furano Prince Hotel Bus Stop

※ Please gather by time.
予約締切 1日前の17時まで
参加条件/注意事項 ●Recruitment staff / 40 people(Minimum number of people to travel / adult one or more)
●Deadline for acceptance/Until the day before service: 17:00. However, if there is an empty seat, it will be accepted until 6:00 on the day. We will stop selling as soon as it is full.
●Tour conductor/No companion
●The meeting place/New Furano Prince Hotel・Furano Prince Hotel ※Please make sure to select at the time of booking.
● Alighting place is pre-specified. I will not stop at a hotel without a reservation
●Free for 1 preschooler per adult/If a preschooler uses a bus seat, it will be the schoolchild's fee.
●Bus company/Furano Bus or Asahikawa Electric Trajectory(Joint operation)
料金に含まれているもの ・ Bus charge
・ Guide fee
・ Insurance fee
持参するもの Please bring your OPTBOOKMARK.JP reservation confirmation email.
催行会社 ふらのバス株式会社 ふらの旅行


お支払いについて Advance payment

※ When booking, please also select [Riding place] on the number entry screen.
キャンセルに関して «Cancellation policy»
◆ We calculate from the day before the trip start date and go back
1) Cancellation before the day of the 6th day → No charge
2) Cancellation after day 5 (except 3-5) → no more than 14 cancellations: no charge, no cancellations up to 15: 20% of travel price
3) Cancellation after the fifth day (except 4 to 5) → 20% of travel price
4) Cancellation of the day (except 5) → 50% of the travel price
5) Cancellation after the start of travel or no contact / no participation → 100% of the travel price
開催中止に関して ※ Itineraries may not be able to get on connection planned trains when visit time may be changed by the congestion situation of each facility or road.




●Bus company/Furano Bus or Asahikawa Electric Trajectory(Joint operation)



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