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【Abashiri】 ☆ with lunch! ☆ One day bus stop in winter in the winter bus understanding bus! !

開催場所:北海道 > 網走・北見・知床
開始時間:JR網走駅(8:50発) /網走バスターミナル(9:00発)


Shiretoko sightseeing ship aurora which can enjoy world natural heritage · Shiretoko from the ship. A large-sized ship has a rich facility and a sense of stability with little shaking is unique to the mora!
Okhotsk Ice icehouse is a spot to know Abashiri winter! Souvenirs can also be purchased. (Top) Talking about Abashiri is here! Abashiri Prison Museum! (under)
Because it is this time season, you can see drift ice from the train window of a special train that you can experience!
For lunch, enjoy the delicious seafood lunch that made use of Abashiri-boasting ingredients at "Okhotsk Shikoku Market Kaniya"! ※ You can choose from two types of crab, bamboo bowl or baked scallop rice bowl. Also, you can eat [special made in set meal] with 3,000 yen added! ! ★ With both crab Crab Shumai




◆ Meet at least 10 minutes before departure! ! ※ On the day of use 【JR Abashiri station ①】 to the guide of the arriving bus,
Or please bring OPTBOOKMARK.JP 【reservation reception mail】 at the window [Abashiri bus terminal] window.
A ride ◆ JR Abashiri Station ① Platform (departs at 8:50)
A ride ◆ Abashiri Bus Terminal (departs at 9:00)
【Boarding · experience】 ◆ Abashiri-dori station Otorori boarding (get off at sightseeing 95 minutes)
※ Moron No. 1 flight 9: 30 ~ 10: 30
【Free visit】 ◆ Museum Abashiri Prison (get off for sightseeing 50 minutes)
【Free visit】 9: 10 arrival tour

10:45 departure
【lunch】 Abashiri Prison Museum (50 minutes from Bell Tower)
【Tour / Experience】 ◆ Hama Koshimizu Station (get off at sightseeing 25 minutes)
※ Road station + JR ride 14:24 departure
【arrival】 Kitahama Station
※ JR get off at 14:34
【Free visit】 ◆ Noguchi Cape (get off the bus ten minutes)
【Get off】 ◆ Abashiri Station ① Platform (16:00)
【Get off】 ◆ Abashiri Bus Terminal (16: 05)
【Get off】 Kitahama Station
※ Get off at JR 14:34


最少催行数 1名
開催期間 February 2, 2019 - March 3, 2019
集合時間 Please gather at least ten minutes before each departure time.
· JR Abashiri Station ① · · · 8:40
· Abashiri bus terminal · · · 8:50
集合場所 · JR Abashiri Station ①
2-12 Shinmachi, Abashiri, Hokkaido 093-0046 2-12

· Abashiri bus terminal
〒 093 - 0012 Hashidate Hashkaido Higashi 2-chome West 1-chome South Aichi 15
予約締切 3日前の17時まで
参加条件/注意事項 ◆ Guests staying at the hotel should make reservations for their own accommodation.
◆ This tour will accompany the guide.
◆ Minimum number of people will be from 1 person.
◆ Tour operator will not accompany.
◆ Please consult with us regarding foods such as allergies at [reservation facility questions] at the time of reservation.
◆ For inquiries on operation day, go to Abashiri bus (0152-44 - 4101).
★ Preschool children are free.

※ The application deadline will be until 3 o'clock before the departure date.
※ If the icebreaker is closed, you will receive a shopping ticket (2,400 yen). ※ Available at station of Abashiriwa, crab and so on.
※ We will refund shipping fee (230 yen) when JR is closed.
※ There is a case of cancellation of the tour, course change, when the icebreaker and JR are closed, or in bad weather.
料金に含まれているもの · Facility usage fee
· Lunch Fee
持参するもの lease bring OPTBOOKMARK.JP [reservation reception mail].
催行会社 網走バス株式会社


お支払いについて Advance settlement
キャンセルに関して Release on the day of the start of the trip · · · or no contactless of the day · · · 100% of the travel fee

※ With regard to cancellation, concerning communication (mail etc.) outside business hours,
Please note that cancellation fee after the next business day will be applied.
開催中止に関して ※ There is a case of cancellation of the tour, course change, when the icebreaker and JR are closed, or in bad weather.




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