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【From Asahikawa】Sightseeing tour bus 【Asahikawa Platanus Course】

開催場所:北海道 > 旭川・層雲峡
現地送迎:Please come to the meeting place yourself.


Asahikawa Design Center
The Sun Kuroudo
Kamikawa Shrine
Takasago Meiji Brewery




【Asahikawa Platanus Course】 Connected to Limited Express Lilac No. 5 No. 9: 55

JR Asahikawa Ekimae Station (around 10:20 departure ~)
Tokiwa Park · Kamikawa Shrine Sutra · Asahi Bridge (about 40 minutes)
kyu-asahikawa-kaikousya (Asahikawa City Sculpture Museum) * 1 (about 10 minutes)
Otokoyama Brewery Museum (about 30 minutes)
Asahikawa Design Center (about 40 minutes)
Asahikawa Ramen Village (Free lunch) ※ 2 (about 60 minutes)
Platanus Namiki (via)
The Sun Kuroudo (about 30 minutes)
Kamikawa Shrine * 3 (about 30 minutes)
Kibana no mori (about 30 minutes)
Takasago Meiji Brewing Co., Ltd. (about 30 minutes)
JR Asahikawa Station * 4 (get off only at 17: 30)
OMO 7 Asahikawa (formerly Asahikawa Grand Hotel) (get off only at 17:40)
Art Hotel Asahikawa (get off only at 17: 45)

※ 1 There is no entrance tour of Asahikawa City Sculpture Museum. It is only photograph shoot of appearance.
※ 2 Asahikawa Ramen Village will be late lunch (arrival around 13:20).
※ 3 We do not drop by when we can not accept general visit by festival etc.
※ 4 JR Asahikawa Station Express Lilac No. 40 from 18:00 Connected to Sapporo
Schedule notes * However, there may be times when the tour time changes depending on the congestion situation of each facility or road, or you can not get on the train etc. to be connected.


最少催行数 1名
開催期間 2018/6/30~8/5
集合時間 ※ Please gather at least ten minutes before departure.
[Departure time]: 10: 20 scheduled
集合場所 Asahikawa Ekimae Square Plaza Group Bus Stop
(1st stop or 2nd stop)

Please gather by the time.
予約締切 1日前の17時まで
参加条件/注意事項 Tour operators are not accompanied by this tour.
料金に含まれているもの ·Bus fare
· Guide fee
· Insurance price is included
※ Admission of each facility · entrance fee not included,

* Child fee will be charged if infants (0 - 5 years old) require a seat.
持参するもの Please bring OPTBOOKMARK.JP [reservation reception mail].
催行会社 リンクオブマインド㈱札幌


お支払いについて Advance settlement
キャンセルに関して «Cancellation Policy»
◆ Retroactively starting from the day before the trip start date
1) Cancellation before the day falling on day 6 → free of charge
2) Cancellation after day 5 (excluding 3 to 5) → Cancellation of 14 persons or less: Free, if the number of cancellers is 15 or less: 20% of the travel fee
3) Release after 5th day (excluding 4 ~ 5) → 20% of travel fee
4) Release on the day (excluding 5) → 50% of the travel fee
5) Release after traveling start or non-contactless → 100% of travel fee
開催中止に関して ※ The itinerary may change depending on the conditions of congestion at each facility or road, or may not be able to get on the train to be connected.




■ Limited Express Lilac No. 5 9: 55 arrived


◆ scheduled bus company bus company
Furano bus or Asahikawa Electric orbit


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